In an effort to reward all of the hours of work that people like you spend trying to solve the puzzles on this site, there is now an ultimate prize that will be awarded to all of those who manage to solve a particular puzzle on this site.

One puzzle will lead you back to this page at the end, and then you will know that you have achieved this rank. Once you are directed back to this page through a puzzle, you will need confirmation that you actually did solve it. Please sign into the email:

  • Username: [final answer]@gmail.com (there are no caps or spaces, add "puzzlemaster" at the end of the final answer)

  • Password: the things that you found in the puzzle (all caps) plus "puzzlemaster" at the end.

For example, if the final answer was Melon, and you found colors that ended up being red, green, and blue, you would sign in to melonpuzzlemaster@gmail.com with the password of REDGREENBLUEpuzzlemaster. (This is just an example, not an actual email)

All puzzlemasters will have their picture (if they want) proudly displayed on this page, and they will each be able to create a puzzle to be posed to all of you.

Good Luck!

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