10 Line Puzzles

A note on rules:

  • There is an answer somewhere in the questions.

  • Some numbers are numbers, and some numbers are questions.

  • There is a theme that is of utmost importance to find.

  • Finally, find the final question and give the final answer.

  • It is best to solve the puzzles in sequential order (1, then 2, then 3, etc...).

  • This puzzle was created in 2020.

Puzzle 1

  1. 31’st Beaver (out of how many you ask, well... look to the number that is in common with the answer to your question)

  1. This should help with 1. The pervert.

  1. Why was 6 afraid of 7?

  1. Are you finding this puzzle difficult? Well this question may help... Look at the number of the most numerous angles in half of someone who is lame.

  1. Ah, the preceding one was way too easy. Let that fact be known like Joseph made himself known.

  1. The answer you seek will be aided by finding when 1 was in charge of commerce and multiplying by 10.

  1. By now you are probably looking for themes right? Scanning over the page hoping to find what you seek? Well, just keep reading.

  1. The cutest honey eater in the world would like one of these.

  1. I don’t know where you are reading this but I wrote this here.

  1. Here comes the answer you seek: To keep your (first half of 6) and push away your boredom, start playing this game that contains (the second half of 6).

Puzzle 2

  1. He is great! (Who he is should be when a square is multiplied by 150% and the answers combined)

  1. Find when the date is in 1.

  1. Chin.

  1. While non biting pests can be annoying this classification of animal isn't harmful.

  1. The prime factorization of your first beer.

  1. This type of potentially cancerous growth on the skin is another word for this type of operative.

  1. A junkie needs to get this.

  1. 2-25, find the century.

  1. This should help with the bigger of the first clues. To see.

  1. Your final question shall be found right below the last of the riddles to find the theme.

Puzzle 3

  1. A circular resting place for food (Is there a person associated with this? Well, just look for the beginning of a countdown)

  1. The world is a dangerous place, but not because of these types of people. In fact it is the opposite type of people who do nothing.

  1. Hmm, curious, number 10 does not lead you to the answer, maybe you should get some help. Three heads are better than one. So, just add two heads.

  1. Plus or minus the square root, just like in algebra.

  1. Take the key and riddle me this; who is his wife.

  1. An important number in Pentecost in relation to your life.

  1. A silver key shall be found where one of the first clues continues.

  1. The rank of the head of 1.

  1. A beautiful woman named Silvia walks through the door. Refer to Silvia.

  1. A wonderful use of creativity.

Puzzle 4

  1. The commander from the front (The front of what? Well, just look for a page)

  1. This universal letter is a type of 10 graffiti.

  1. The commander of commanders.

  1. Books contain many of these. They have become a symbol of this status in society.

  1. All signs point to this being a fun puzzle.

  1. Sometimes keys can open locks. You just have to wait a little bit for the lock to become apparent.

  1. Polar opposites, well, if you subtract 1.

  1. I would never give up this number.

  1. Oh how exciting! A pageantry has come over your town. Here you will find the gloomy teenagers that don’t want to take part.

  1. A frosty teenager.

Puzzle 5

  1. The game (What game? Well, look to the domino with the most weed)

  1. They saw god and yet they lived.

  1. The first half of America's leader.

  1. The support for a large piece of fabric. Leave off the m.

  1. The other quadrate.

  1. I'm going to hit on this really cute girl who’s 20. Wish me luck!

  1. Mind your manners, but don’t make a line.

  1. Oh, I recognize her!

  1. 3 and the first half of where Winnie the Pooh resides. Replace an I with an A and an S with a Z.

  1. And with that, the game ends. Good luck! And Good Job!

How to Solve These Puzzles (Just Hints, Not Answers)

The first question is usually very vague. It usually has something in parentheses to tell you where the clues are in the puzzle. Try to find and solve the clues.

Answers to questions are either words or numbers. If they are numbers, they may be telling you where the theme is or where the final question is. If it seems like neither words nor numbers, it could also be a clue to where the theme or final question is.

If you are stuck, try to mark all of the solvable questions (ones that don't reference other questions). These will usually be the theme, where the theme is, where the final question is, or hints for 1.

Try to solve the questions that you just marked. If you get a question that's answer seems to lead you to other questions, try to string the answers to the other questions together. Sometimes it won't be an exact fit (like poo and lice could be trying to get you to say police). Sometimes themes are tricky.

Once you have the theme go back to #1 and try to find a solve path.

If you cross out the question leading to the theme, the theme questions themselves, and the clues for the first question, you should be able to find a solve path.

Puzzle 1 Answer

  • "31'st beaver" refers to Herbert Hoover; he is famous for a dam and is the 31'st president.

  • If you didn't get that right away, it directed you to look for a question whose number was the same as one of the numbers in the answer. Only two questions fit that bill (4 and 5); both answers are 45 (half-square and Genesis 45). 45 is the total number of presidents we have had ("out of how many").

  • 2 is also supposed to help with 1 because herbert the pervert is a character in Family Guy and is actually the first result when you search herbert on Duck Duck Go.

  • The answer to question 3 is that 7, 8, 9. Like seven ate nine. It's an old joke. That directed you to look at the answers to 7, 8, and 9. 7 told you that you were looking for the theme. The answer to 8 was Pot (Winnie the Pooh), and the answer to 9 was US (United States). Put that together, and you get POTUS (President of the United States). That is the theme.

  • 6 told you to find when 1 (Hoover) was in charge of commerce (he was #3). 3 multiplied by 10 was 30. The 30th president was Calvin Coolidge.

  • Finally, 10 had the answer. The first half of Coolidge is "cool," and the second half is "idge." Bridge (the game) contains "idge".

Puzzle 2 Answer

  • “He is great” refers to the book the Great Gatsby.

  • If you didn’t get that, it directed you to look for a “square multiplied by 150%”. The numbers on the list that are squares are 4 (2x2) and 9 (3x3). But 9 x 150% would be a number not from 1-10, so it had to have been referencing 4. The answer to 4 is a gnat. 4 multiplied by 150% is a spy (a mole is a skin growth and also a name for a spy). Put that together, and you get gnat spy or Gatsby if you say it right.

  • 9 should have helped find 6 (the bigger of the clues for the first question, 6 is bigger than 4). To see is to spy.

  • 5 contained the clue to find the theme (which would have really helped with 1). The answer to 5 is 7 and 3. You can have your first beer at 21, and the prime factorization of that is 7 and 3. The answer to 7 is fix, and the answer to 3 is chin (literally what is written). Say that together, and you get fiction, which is the theme.

  • 2 told you to find the date that relates to the Great Gatsby. The only date that should spring to mind is the publishing date, which is 1925.

  • 8 tells you to subtract 25 from 2. The answer for 2 was 1925, so the answer is 1900. Therefore it is the 20th century.

  • 10 tells you where the final question is. The last question to find the theme was 7 (the other questions were 3 and 5). Therefore the question below is 8, so the answer is the 20th century.

Puzzle 3 Answer

  • "A circular resting place for food" refers to the round table (from King Arthur).

  • If you didn't get that, it directed you to the beginning of a countdown. That would be 10, 9… The answer to 10 is art, and the answer to 9 is her (you refer to a woman as her). Put that together, and you get Arthur.

  • 4 directed you to the theme. The answer to that is to look at questions 6 and 2. "Plus and minus the square root" (the square root of 4 is 2). An important number in Pentecost is 50 (50 days after Easter), and 50 in relation to your life is your mid(life). The answer to number 2 is evil (it's an Albert Einstein quote). Put those two together, and you get medieval, which is the theme.

  • 7 told you that a key would be found where one of the first clues continued. The continuation of the countdown (that was the clue for question 1) is 8. The answer to 8 is a king (the head of the round table was King Arthur and his rank was king).

  • 3 tells you that you find the final answer if you add 2. 3+2 is 5. The answer to question 5 is Queen (the wife of the key (the answer to the key question was king). Therefore the answer is Queen.

Puzzle 4 Answer

  • “The commander from the front” refers to a teacher.

  • If you didn’t get that, it directed you to look for “a page.” A pageantry includes the letters “a page,” and books contain many pages (first part of the question. So the clues are questions 4 and 9. The answer to 4 is class, and the answer to 9 is room (teenagers go to their room). Put that together, and you get classroom, which is where a teacher commands in the front of.

  • 7 directed you to the theme. Questions 2 and 10 are polar opposites (if you subtract 1 from 2). The answer for 2 is S (that cool letter s and people keep writing). The answer to 10 is cool (teenagers are cool, and cool is a synonym for frosty). Put that together, and you get the theme, which is school.

  • 3 tells you to find the commander of commanders. The commander in 1 was the teacher, so the commander of commanders would be a principle.

  • 6 told you where the final question was. The key from question 4 was found in question 8. The answer to question 8 is 3. The answer to question 3 is principle, which can also be said as your principles. Principles are something you would never give up, so the answer is 3.

Puzzle 5 Answer

  • "The game" refers to bridge (the answer to the first puzzle).

  • If you didn't get that, it directed you to the domino with the most weed. Having a lot of weed would get you high. The highest number on a domino is 6. The answer to question 6 is 1 (in Blackjack, if you are hitting on a 20, you're hoping for a 1).

  • 2 directed you to the theme. The number of people who saw God and lived (in the bible) was 74. The answer to 7 was p (Mind your manners could also mean mind your ps and qs, and a line is a q, that leaves just p). The answer to 4 is ast (a mast holds up a large piece of fabric, and you leave off the m). Put that together, and you get past. The theme of this puzzle was past puzzles (1-4).

  • 3 told you to find the first half of America's Leader. America is led by a POTUS, which was the theme in puzzle 1. The first half of the answer to question 1 is bri (bridge).

  • The answer to 8 was Silvia (In puzzle 3, you referred to Silvia as "her").

  • 5 tells you where the final question was. A quadrate is a square, and the other square refers to the fact that 4 was mentioned as a square in puzzle 2, so the other square is 9. The answer to 3 is bri. Winnie the pooh was an implied part of question 8 in puzzle 1 (cutest honeyeater). The first half of the answer to 8 is sil (silvia). Put those together, and you get brisil. Replace the first I with an A and the S with a Z, and you get the final answer: BRAZIL.