Picture Puzzles

Picture Puzzles are some of the most challenging puzzles I create. Because of their nature, you have little clue where to start. The only instruction; find the answer. They are ordered from easiest to hardest.

Picture Riddles

Hints (Not Answers)

Puzzle 1: Think about a rallying cry. Then put it in context.

Puzzle 2: Look at the four pictures; what do they share? What do their words share? Now, look at the numbers.

Puzzle 3: Look at the top row of animals. Apply the new knowledge to the other two pictures and the circle.

Puzzle 4: Think algebraically about the bigger picture. Then take a vacation, maybe to ancient Greece.

Puzzle 1 Answer

Correct Answers Are: French Revolution, and that written in French.

Close (But Not Correct): Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and that written in French

How to solve: The three images spell out a motto. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (Statue of Liberty, Equals Sign, College Fraternity). That was the motto of the French Revolution, and the guns (with the question mark) tell you that you should answer with the name of the revolution.

Puzzle 2 Answer

Correct Answers Are: You Win

How to solve: Look at the four pictures. They contain the four elements (watermark, hearth, hair, and fired). Then look at the numbers. On the periodic table of elements, they translate to "You Win."

Puzzle 3 Answer

Correct Answers Are: 11/26/20, 11/26.1/20, or Thanksgiving day.

How to solve: Count the objects associated with the three items on the agenda and multiply it by the time. First, in outside play, there are 11 leaves. 11*1=11. Next, in party, there are 18 triangles on the streamer. 18*1.45=26.1. Lastly, in dinner, there are 10 feathers on the turkey. 10*2=20. Put that together in the X.X.X format, and you get the answer.

Puzzle 4 Answer

Correct Answers Are: Game, and Computer

How to solve: Look at the top row of animals. Using their first letters, you will spell out "clock." Then look at the two images. The one on the left is an Atomic Bomb. Nuclear war and doomsday are associated with 12:00. The one on the right is the crucifixion of Jesus. Mark 15:25 has two numbers for the crucifixion (crucifixion and death), which could have correlated with either 9:00 or 3:00. The negative signs told you to subtract those leaving you with either 3:00 or 9:00. The words at roughly 9:00 and 3:00 on the circle are "Game" and "Computor."

Puzzle 5 Answer

Correct Answers Are: October, October 12th, National Day, and all written in either Spanish or Attic Greek.

Close (But Not Correct): 12, 12'th, May 12'th, and all of those in Spanish or Attic Greek

How to solve: The biggest picture is two pyramids. The presence of X2 shows you that you are supposed to think "pyramid 2" (x is a variable). If you write that out, you get 12 in Attic Greek. Then look at the calendar, which is in Spanish. A major holiday in Spain on the 12'th is National Day, which is on October 12'th.